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 Missouri Ambulance Reporting System
EMS Regions
Central (50)
Kansas City (53)
North-West (16)
Out of State (9)
South-East (31)
South-West (41)
St. Louis (58)
Welcome to the Missouri Ambulance Reporting System (MARS). If you are new to the system, please click on About to learn more about the Missouri Ambulance Reporting System and the MARS system. If you are a Missouri ambulance service, please click on the Login link to log into the system to enter or review your incident reports.

To find services within Missouri click on a region in the left hand menu, type in a city or town name in the search box, or move your mouse around the map and click on the region of your choice. This is a Flash movie that allows you to drill down through regions of Missouri. If you do not have the Flash player installed, your computer will prompt you for the automatic download.

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